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7th Mar 2018

7th Mar 2018

Discussion with industry leaders.

Hot topics for ISCEx 2018 seminars include “Busting the myths of mass evacuation”, presented by Dr. Chris Cocking. Further details of additional seminars will be provided soon. Seminars are open to all Exhibition Attendees and run during the course of the day.

Hopkins-Baldwin Lecture: Busting the myths of mass evacuation

Dr Chris Cocking, Senior Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton

This seminar will focus on research carried out by Chris and his colleagues into crowd behaviour during emergencies and the implications for crowd safety management during mass evacuations. A commonly held view is that during emergencies, people are prone to ‘panic’, and so crowd management strategies have traditionally been based upon fears of the possible irrational and/or selfish behaviour that might result from any ‘mass panic’.

Busting the myths of mass evacuation highlights how research has indicated this is not necessarily the case during emergencies and how it is best practice to provide as much relevant information as possible on how to evacuate effectively and safely. With Voice Alarm systems having a clear role to play in this process it is vital information is delivered in a confident and consistent manner and is trusted by recipients of the message if people are to act upon information provided and keep themselves safe.

Warren-Barnett Memorial Lecture: TBC

Seminar 3 – Details TBC

Taking Noise off the Menu

Here’s a clip from one of the ISCEx 2017 seminars presented by Dr Gillian Rollason, Action on Hearing Loss, highlighting how background music, environmental noise and minimalist design trends in restaurants, cafes and pubs are contributing to produce noise levels that prove uncomfortable for customers and staff.